“Andy’s record as a public servant is impeccably conservative. As a state legislator, he’s proven himself to be a tireless advocate for lower taxes and less regulation. As Senate President, he has proven his commitment to advancing legislation that will make government smaller, more efficient and more accountable to the people.”

– Representative Matt Salmon


“We need leaders like Andy in Congress who will work to secure our borders and uphold our immigration laws. I know that Andy Biggs won’t ever compromise his beliefs, and that is what makes him a perfect replacement for Representative Matt Salmon.”

– Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Latest News

Freedom Friday – Trucking and Transportation – July 21

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Grant’s Law ‘Common Sense’, Deport Criminal Aliens

Brietbart.com Michelle Moons June 28, 2017 Biggs called Grant’s Law a “common sense measure,” and...

Statement on Last Night’s Election Results

GILBERT (June 21) – Today, Congressman Andy Biggs issued the following statement following last...

Split Up the Ninth Circuit

The National Review June 15, 2017 Andy Biggs & Bill Montgomery Is Congress finally...

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