Anti-Common Core Leaders Endorse Andy Biggs

August 12, 2016

Gilbert – Today, two East Valley leaders in the fight against common core, Jen Reynolds and Gina Ray, endorsed Andy Biggs for Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District. Andy Biggs has pledged to introduce legislation to eliminate common core in his first two weeks in Congress. 

“Throughout our recent history, we have seen how the federal government has slowly, but surely imposed on our rights to dictate how we want our children to be educated,” Jen Reynolds said. “We want our representatives in Congress to push back against the Department of Education’s mandates, and to fight for a full repeal of Common Core. Andy Biggs has proven to us that he stands for school choice and that he is unequivocally against Common Core, and we trust him to remain 100% consistent with these fights in the U.S. House of Representatives.”

“I have had the honor of working with Congressman Matt Salmon’s office in our ongoing quest to eliminate Common Core,” Gina Ray said. “Through this experience, I have witnessed how intimidating the federal bureaucracy can be, and I have a greater understanding and appreciation for why we need a representative like Matt Salmon who will not back down against the Washington establishment. I trust Andy Biggs to take bold stances for us – just like Matt Salmon has, and to bring education control back to the local level where it belongs.”

“I have fought for school choice and local control of education during my service in the Arizona Legislature,” Andy Biggs said. “I have consistently stated on the campaign trail that one of the first bills I will introduce in Congress is a repeal of Common Core. It is evident that parents in the East Valley want to direct the education of their children, and do not want a nameless bureaucrat in Washington, D.C telling them what is best for their kids. I will continue this fight with Jen and Gina in Washington.”


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