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Andy Biggs was elected to serve the people of Arizona’s Fifth District in 2016. He currently sits on the House Judiciary Committee and the House Oversight and Reform Committee. He served as Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus from 2019 to 2021, and currently serves as Co-chair of the Border Security Caucus, Vice Chair of the Western Caucus, and Co-founder of the bipartisan War Powers Caucus.

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Promises Kept

During my campaign, I pledged to introduce six bills. I am proud to say that I have kept my promises.

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Latest News

Arizona continues to show the country that veterans need health care options

The Washington TimesBy: Rep. Andy Biggs and Joshua Stanwitz Recently, Arizona made veterans’ health care news as reports emerged of rat infestation in a Phoenix VA nursing home. Residents had to be moved and procedures were brought to a standstill as the Department of Veterans Affairs figured out how to handle the infestation. We aren’t shocked by any bad news we hear from the VA these days, especially when that...

The disintegration of America stems from Biden’s border

The Washington TimesBy: Rep. Andy Biggs Nations that disintegrate suffer many pathologies, one of which is the deterioration of national territorial integrity. The Biden administration is willfully eroding our southern border and consequently facilitating the disintegration of the American state. The open border policy of Biden‘s regime allows individuals from virtually every country in the world to simply walk across our southern border, between the ports of entry. One estimate...

Biden’s Anti-Republican speech distracts from his failures

The Washington TimesBy: Rep. Andy Biggs Republicans must be disciplined enough to not be distracted by President Joe Biden’s dramatized impersonation of the famous dictators of history. The goal of the sinking Democrats is to distract Americans from the ongoing spike in gas prices, the persistent inflation, and the accompanying rise in interest rates. Democrats need Americans to focus on anything but the disastrous results of the Democrats’ open border...

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