Congressman Jim Jordan Endorses Andy Biggs

May 18, 2016

Congressman Jordan: ‘Our country needs more leaders in Congress like Andy Biggs who have the courage to challenge the Washington establishment’

GILBERT (May 18) – Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, today announced his support of Senate President Andy Biggs’ Congressional campaign.

“Congressman Salmon’s leadership will be tough to replace, but we must ensure that the Fifth District of Arizona continues to be represented by someone who is committed to fighting for conservative principles in all areas of government,” Congressman Jordan said. “I strongly believe that Andy Biggs is the right person to help us continue this fight. He has proven himself to be one of Arizona’s most influential conservative leaders, and is not afraid to take on politicians who want to grow government, including taking on those from his own party when necessary. Andy understands the problems that our country is facing and has the experience to make a difference on day one. Our country needs more leaders in Congress like Andy Biggs who have the courage to challenge the Washington establishment and heed the will of the American people. I am proud to endorse his campaign and look forward to working with him in Congress.”

“It is an honor to receive Congressman Jim Jordan’s endorsement,” Andy Biggs said. “Congressman Jordan’s laudable efforts as chairman of the House Freedom Caucus have produced a voice for millions of Americans across the country, who have felt disenfranchised by the Washington establishment. He is an icon for conservatives in the U.S. Congress, and I respect his leadership more than words could ever express. The East Valley needs a representative who will work with conservatives like Congressman Jim Jordan to advance reforms that will shrink the size and scope of government. I have led this fight in the Arizona legislature for over a decade, and I look forward to doing the same in the U.S. House of Representatives.”

Other endorsements for Biggs include: Congressman Matt Salmon; Congressman Trent Franks; Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio; Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery; North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows; Maricopa County Supervisors Denny Barney and Clint Hickman; Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio; Senators Sylvia Allen, Nancy Barto, Judy Burges, Debbie Lesko, Gail Griffin, Steve Yarbrough, David Farnsworth, John Kavanagh, Steve Smith, Jeff Dial, Kimberly Yee, Don Shooter; Representatives John Allen, Sonny Borrelli, Jay Lawrence, Paul Boyer, Warren Petersen, Eddie Farnsworth, Frank Pratt; Gilbert Vice Mayor Jared Taylor; Gilbert Councilman Victor Peterson; Gilbert Town Councilman Eddie Cook; Queen Creek Mayor Gail Barney; Queen Creek Councilwoman Emilena Turley; Former State Representative Justin Pierce; and more than 60 East Valley community leaders.

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