Statement from Andy Biggs Regarding Recent Obama Administration Announcement

May 13, 2016

Biggs: ‘The federal government must allow the states to govern themselves.’

PHOENIX (May 13) – Andy Biggs, candidate for Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District, today released the following statement regarding the Obama administration’s appalling transgender bathroom policy:

“Like many of my fellow East Valley voters, I was appalled to hear yesterday that the Obama Administration has decreed that schools receiving federal funding must allow children of the opposite sex to use the same facilities. Not only does this directive run afoul of the tenth amendment, but it has no place in the value system that we seek to instill in our children from their earliest age. The rules and norms of modern society may change, but biology will not – nor do the Constitutional rights of states.”

“I know that conservatives in Congress are outraged about this action from the executive branch, and I look forward to joining them (and hopefully a Republican President) next year in opposing and overturning this unconscionable overreach of power. The federal government must allow the states to govern themselves.”

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