Andy Biggs Response to False Attacks by Opponents

July 23, 2016

Gilbert –Andy Biggs, Republican Candidate for Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District, released the following statement regarding desperate and false attacks by his opponents.

“You know it’s nearing election day when candidates begin slinging last-minute desperate attacks. The latest attempt is an effort to allege that I “enthusiastically” support corporate cronyism.

“My record in the legislature speaks for itself – I have never supported allowing governments to favor certain private entities or corporations with backdoor forms of state interventionism. Nor, have I ever backed publicly-funded and government-subsidized entities over private institutions that are designed to be more efficient and beneficial to the taxpayers. This will continue when I am elected to Congress.

“While I was recently asked if I would support the Export-Import Bank at a candidate forum, I made the mistake of answering yes without providing any explanation. This question came during the form of the “lightning” round where candidates were asked to answer with only “yes” or “no” responses. While I followed the rules and only gave a one-worded response, other candidates did not and gave explanations to their answers.

“I want to clarify my position regarding this important issue.  I do not support reauthorizing the Export-Import bank in its current form, and would have supported House Freedom Caucus’ efforts to thwart a bill to reauthorize it from being discharged to the House floor for a vote, if I had been in Congress this past year.

“If I was allowed the opportunity to elaborate about my answer during this forum, I would have clarified that while I do have concerns about what advantages other nations may have over the U.S. if they continue to support their own form of export-import banks and we eliminate ours, I also believe the time has come for us to dismantle this program. If elected to Congress, I will support efforts to do just this.”


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