We Need Andy Biggs In Congress!

August 27, 2016

There is one candidate in the race for Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District we know we can count on to help #MakeDCListen and fight back against the Washington Cartel: Andy Biggs.

We know we can count on Andy because he has a proven record of defending our conservative principles, and he has demonstrated the courage to fight for what’s right, even when it is unpopular with the liberal media.

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If you live in Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District, I’m asking you to vote for Andy on Tuesday, August 30th. And even if you aren’t in the district, your help is still needed: please sign up to volunteer or make a contribution to Andy’s campaign in these critical final days.

If you’re serious about completely and utterly destroying ISIS, cutting out-of-control waste in government, and finally securing our border, we need Andy Biggs in Congress. I hope all Arizonans will join me in supporting him today and on Election Day!

For liberty,

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