Statement on Jones Urging Courts to Delay Mailing of Military Ballots​

September 15, 2016

Gilbert – Today, Biggs for Congress Consultant Adam Deguire released the following statement regarding Christine Jones’ most recent lawsuit to delay military overseas ballots from being mailed on time for the general election:

“Arizona’s primary election ended over two weeks ago and Christine Jones is still attempting “Hail Mary” legal challenges in court. Jones is now asking a judge to invalidate an election that has already been certified by the County and State, even before the results of the recount have been released.

“Astonishingly, her latest ploy is to delay the deadline to mail general election ballots to our military members serving overseas, in order to buy her more time to try and overturn the will of the voters.

“That Jones is willing to risk ballots from being returned too late to count from men and women serving our nation in harm’s way is unbecoming from someone who desires to serve in Congress. Our men and women in uniform serve to protect our right to vote – no one should ever compromise this right for their own political motives.

“We hope that the courts will do the right thing and deny Jones’ latest desperate attempt to reverse the election results so our military members can receive their ballots on time.”


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