Statement Regarding Biggs Increasing Lead to 16 Votes

September 10, 2016

Gilbert – Today, Biggs Consultant Adam Deguire released the following statement in response to Andy Biggs increasing his lead to 16 votes for Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District:

“Just as we expected, our lead over Christine Jones increased after the additional eighteen ballots were counted by the County Recorder’s office. We almost doubled our lead and now hold a 16 vote advantage, confirming that we ended the campaign with strong momentum behind us. We feel confident this margin will hold during the recount. 

“Unfortunately, it now appears that Christine Jones is headed back to court to further delay the voters’ will and attempt to find a way to erase her 16 vote deficit. I suppose after losing the election and then losing the lawsuit, she is now hoping that a “third time’s a charm.”

“The primary election ended over 10 days ago. It’s time to allow the County and State to complete the canvass so we can begin the recount process and unite behind our Republican nominee. The voters in Arizona’s Fifth District have chosen Andy Biggs to represent them on the ballot in November and we should honor their wish.” 


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