Freedom Friday – Trucking and Transportation – July 21

July 22, 2017

Below is Congressman Andy Biggs’ speech announcing Freedom Fridays and highlighting an overly burdensome restriction on our trucking industry:

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Last week, I started “Freedom Friday,” to highlight freedom-killing regulations currently in effect. 

This year, Congress used the Congressional Review Act to overturn 14 regulations implemented in the waning days of the Obama Administration. It is estimated that the repeal of these rules alone could save the economy millions of hours of paperwork, as much as $3.7 billion in regulatory costs to federal agencies, and up to $35 billion in compliance costs for industry.

We made an excellent start, but it must not be the end of our efforts.  My main priority while in Congress is to restore the constitutional parameters of the federal government and end overregulation by the federal government.

The first regulation I will be highlighting for “Freedom Friday” is an overly burdensome restriction on our trucking industry.

California and the Ninth Circuit have imposed more stringent standards for truckers than those established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

As much as I am a proponent of states’ rights, there are some issues over which Congress has clear constitutional authority. We simply cannot allow our vital interstate commerce to fall victim to an incoherent patchwork of burdensome regulations: our economic and national security depend on resisting this ominous trend.

I yield back.”

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