Pardon for Sheriff Joe Arpaio

August 22, 2017

Earlier last week, President Trump indicated that he was considering a pardon for Sheriff Joe Arpaio for his recent criminal conviction at the hands of a Clinton-appointed judge. I hope that President Trump pardons Sheriff Arpaio, and I would like the pardon to come tonight when the President is in Arizona.

Many of us in Arizona know Sheriff Arpaio. He is a faithful patriot, who has served his country for over half a century. His only crime was that he upheld the laws of America that the federal government ignored.

Sheriff Arpaio could have taken the easy path of service – the politically correct path. He could have ignored immigration laws along with the federal government. But he did not. He valued his oath of office much more than the fickle court of public opinion.

That’s why I’m standing with Joe Arpaio and asking President Trump to pardon him. Sheriff Arpaio did what he knew was right, knowing full well of the consequences he might one day be served. The least I can do is stand with Joe.

Please join me in welcoming Donald Trump to Arizona and asking him to stand with Joe Arpaio.

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