States Must Declare an Invasion at the Southern Border

July 22, 2022

Rep. Andy Biggs

America is being invaded and President Joe Biden, “Border Czar” Vice President Kamala Harris, and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas are directly responsible.

The Constitution requires that the federal government protect the states from invasion (Article 4, Section 4). It also permits states to act without permission of the federal government when states are under imminent threat (Article 1, Section 10).

The number of people entering America illegally, the amount of drugs pouring across our border, and the damage they are causing are evidence of an invasion.

This invasion is organized and purposeful. Mexican criminal cartels control our border. They are highly organized and make billions of dollars from their human smuggling, human trafficking, and drug trafficking operations.

The cartels plan and intentionally send illegal border crossers into our country at specified locations, at designated times, and in particular groups.

For instance, I’ve been at the southern border when a group of several hundred have crossed the border and surrendered, occupying several Border Patrol agents with arresting, processing, and transporting the group for hours. Meanwhile, at a different location, another smaller group of drug and human smugglers is crossing and the Border Patrol doesn’t have the resources to interdict them.

And, finally, another key indicator that America is being invaded is the harm and threat that the flood of illegal aliens poses to the United States.

In June, more than 207,000 illegal aliens were encountered (surrendered or interdicted) at the border. Tens of thousands more entered America and successfully avoided arrest.

Among those who entered were undoubtedly murders, rapists, and other violent criminals.

The number of individuals encountered on the terrorist watchlist set in Fiscal Year 2021 has already been shattered by multiples in Fiscal Year 2022.

A record amount of dangerous drugs such as fentanyl have been seized this year, but we are only stopping approximately 5-10% of the drugs coming across our border.

Last year, more than 100,000 chemical poisonings of Americans resulted in death. These are poisonings because they are deliberate. China manufactures and ships the precursor drugs to Mexican drug cartels. The cartels make the fentanyl pills and ship them to the United States. The pills are designed to look like prescription drugs. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency has found that 40% of all fentanyl pills seized contain a lethal amount of fentanyl.

More than 3 million illegal aliens have entered the country on the watch of Biden, Harris, and Mayorkas. Tens of thousands of Americans have died while this trio of dangerous people have encouraged the invasion of our country by eliminating every policy and ignoring every law that secures our borders.

The Democrats support this invasion. Republicans in Congress, while in the minority in the House and Senate, have tools to counter the Biden regime’s reckless destruction of our sovereignty. The most effective tool is to block must-pass legislation unless border security policies are included in the legislation.

For example, the Biden Administration needed votes from Republicans to get its recent, disastrous military funding bill passed. Instead of holding up the bill until border security measures were included, most Republicans voted for the massive spending bill and its “woke” provisions. Cynically, many of my colleagues voted for the bill because their individual districts were getting some kind of federal dollars.

This is a problem because America is being invaded. Republicans are in the minority and rarely have the opportunity to impose our will on a piece of must-pass legislation.

In the meantime, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has issued an official opinion that Arizona is being invaded. Several Texas counties have done likewise.

States constitutionally can and must act because the federal government has not only vacated the field of border security, but has advocated for the invasion and abrogation of our laws.

Arizona’s legislature has committed $500 million to the border security issue, and Texas has spent even more.

The law requires that no contraband or person can illegally cross our border. The federal government is in violation of the constitution and statutes.

Since the federal government is facilitating the invasion, states must fill the breach.

And, when Republicans get the majority of the House and Senate, we must hold those responsible for this invasion, accountable.

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