Joe Biden’s FBI Raid Crossed the Rubicon

August 12, 2022

By: Rep. Andy Biggs

In raiding Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago the Biden Administration has just crossed the Rubicon. Siccing the state police on former President Donald J. Trump is only the latest attempt by the radicals on Biden’s team to continue its objective of preventing the great disrupter from interrupting their goals of a collectivist America.

The extremists who now control the Democrats have spilled the beans. In two ways, at least, Donald Trump is an impediment to their goals. He is a Washington, D.C. and political outsider who wants to dismantle the extraconstitutional power structure that enriches and empowers the uni-party, the deep state, the “swamp,” the status quo. He also symbolizes the return to an egalitarian, capitalist interpretation of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence that recognizes the value of every human being.

If you think it isn’t about preventing Trump from running and winning the election in 2024, you have been sleeping.

The fanatic Democrat lawyer, Marc Elias, stated the obvious rationale behind the continuing, politically motivated attacks on Trump: obtaining a conviction would prevent Trump from ever holding office again, and even if it can’t be proven, having to defend oneself in a criminal case while running for President would be a “blockbuster” in American politics.

The abusive raid by the FBI is unprecedented in American history. Somehow, the FBI was able to marshal its resources to raid Mar-a-Lago and seize fifteen boxes that were packed by Trump’s staff before leaving the White House. Boxes containing everything from newspaper clippings to memorabilia are now in the FBI’s hands.

The documents, if there are documents, that the FBI desired were not in imminent danger of being destroyed. The FBI wanted to demonstrate its power against the former President in order to make all Americans cower at the potential unleashing of the FBI dragon against them.

In the meantime, the FBI has done virtually nothing with the Hunter Biden computer for years, allowed Hillary Clinton to skate when she violated numerous laws, and haven’t pursued Jeffrey Epstein’s associates.

It is obvious that this is an abuse of power against an important political opponent. For 250 years, America has avoided such corruption, but it is now endemic in our government departments and agencies.

The Left is dominated by President Donald Trump. In their militancy, they cannot forget that not only did he intervene and disrupt their march toward Gomorrah—he remains popular.

Trump is so popular that he is the single most potent political power in the country today. And, his followers continue to push back against the pervasive extremism of the Left. Not only did Trump interrupt the Left’s steady march to remake America, he taunted the purveyors of that destructive dogma. And, he inspired Americans who had been the traditional Democrat base to stand up against the new orthodoxy of extremism as well.

For the Communists, Marxists, neo-fascists, radical environmentalists, and fanatics, Donald Trump is the biggest enemy on the planet.

So, the crazies hate Trump and any of those who support him and the America First Agenda.

This week we see the continued weaponization of the federal government against the American people.

The abuse of power by the federal police apparatus to attack the former president is not surprising, but nevertheless a type of how the government now pursues political enemies. Trump continues to be pursued by the unethical Attorney General Merrick Garland and his squad. J-6 prisoners continue to be held in solitary confinement and unconstitutionally in pretrial detention. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas directs his officers to ignore the enforcement of the law. How can freedom exist when the rule of law is gone—killed by our own government?

The weaponization of government bureaucracy will continue when the ironically named, “Inflation Reduction Act” is passed out of the U.S. House of Representatives and signed into law. While the bill is replete with regulations that will further strangle our economic freedoms, the Democrats want to turn more than87,000new IRS personnel against their fellow Americans. It is not hard to see that there will be attacks by these new agents of the state against political opponents of the Biden regime–the most extreme administration in American history.

For those paying attention, we are seeing the systematic dismantling of the great American experiment in self-governance. Every institution is dominated by anti-American zealots eager to arrogate power to the national government in order to bring about, through an institutional

revolution, a regime change. The hoped-for world order is one based on Marxian communist principles, coupled with neo-fascist dogma, and shrouded in a post-Westphalian globalism, with a portion of the religiously dogmatic radical environmentalism added to the recipe.

And Biden has his police state, like former East Germany’s Stassi, the former Soviet Union’s KGB, and like every tyrannical government in history.

Biden’s police state and the Goebbels-like propaganda of the media have been investigating and chasing Trump for years with no success. Invading his home is like crossing the Rubicon, not just for Biden and the Left’s obsession with Trump, but for the future of American freedom as well. Is there any turning back now?

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