Biden’s Anti-Republican speech distracts from his failures

September 5, 2022

The Washington Times
By: Rep. Andy Biggs

Republicans must be disciplined enough to not be distracted by President Joe Biden’s dramatized impersonation of the famous dictators of history. The goal of the sinking Democrats is to distract Americans from the ongoing spike in gas prices, the persistent inflation, and the accompanying rise in interest rates. Democrats need Americans to focus on anything but the disastrous results of the Democrats’ open border policies, record-setting crime rates, and the myriad of destabilizing results of the Biden-Pelosi-Schumer troika’s efforts.

Admittedly, it will be hard not to direct our attention to the most un-American of America’s presidents. Joe Biden continues to openly dehumanize and antagonize his political opponents, but it is a ploy. It is a political trap to draw us into discussing the kooky statements he and his incompetent press team put out daily, instead of his regime’s devastating policies.

Republicans must remind Americans that the slow decrease in gas prices is the result of a gimmick that will end the day after the midterm elections in November. The Biden agenda is to actually drive gas prices above $5.00 at the pump. Transportation Secretary Buttigieg applauded our high gas prices, as did the Energy Secretary, the Interior Secretary, and even Mr. Biden himself.

You know the Democrats are engaged in a ruse because the Biden regime has failed to actually change energy policy. Mr. Biden continues to prevent the exploration, development, and extraction of our abundant energy resources. He has proposed increasing taxes on oil and gas. He continues to beg dictators, whom he obviously admires, to produce more oil and gas, entrenching our reliance on them.

The temporary reduction in gas prices still lands at a level that is almost twice that of the previous administration’s successful energy policy.

If Mr. Biden’s impersonation of Mussolini can distract Americans from the persistence of the highest inflation in fifty years, his handler’s plan will be successful. But, prices continue to climb and will persist, as most economists agree, because the root of inflation is always a devaluation of a nation’s currency. And, because we spend more than $1 trillion than our revenue every year, and Mr. Biden, with congressional Democrats, have been engaged in an unprecedented spending spree, inflation will continue no matter how many times Fed Chairman Jay Powell raises the interest rates. You simply cannot tax and spend your way out of inflation.

Republicans must continue talking about energy and commodity prices due to the Democrats’ inflation and energy policies, no matter how odiously Biden and the menage on the Left want to demonize Republicans.

As outrageous as the Biden hate speech may have been, it is only a visual reminder of the damage he is inflicting on the United States in dozens of ways, most vividly displayed in the damage caused by his open border invitation.

Illegal immigration has allowed more than three million individuals into our country since Mr. Biden was inaugurated. Record amounts of illegal drugs, such as fentanyl, have been seized, while record amounts have gotten into the country and killed more than 100,000 people. Hundreds of individuals with criminal records from previous illegal visits to the U.S. have re-entered. The country is simply more dangerous because of Mr. Biden’s policies, which are almost universally embraced by Democrats.

In 2020, the Trump immigration policies reduced illegal border activity to a trickle. For instance, the entire Yuma, Arizona, sector had fewer than 9,000 encounters with illegal aliens. In the fiscal year 2022, that total will be 340,000—not along the entire southern border, but solely in the Yuma sector. And yes, Ms. Jean-Pierre, they really are simply walking across our border between the ports of entry.

If Mr. Biden can get us talking about his crazy performance—he portrayed a lunatic dictator even better than Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator—he hopes Americans will forget the implications of his and the Democrats’ aggressively dangerous policies.

Mr. Biden wants us to forget about his terrible energy policies, inflationary spending, and the dangerous open border. He hopes we won’t focus on supply chain troubles, an implementation by fiat of the Green New Deal, and the tragic retreat from Afghanistan.

Mr. Biden doesn’t want us to remember that the Middle East is more dangerous as he provides Iran with hundreds of billions of dollars and approves of its nuclear missile program. He believes that you won’t consider that his show of weakness internationally has actually made the entire world less safe.

Or in dozens of other ways Mr. Biden and his allies, congressional Democrats, have made life worse. They have facilitated high crime rates and woke policies like men in women’s sports.

While Mr. Biden’s orchestrated stage drenched in blood red lighting and props, and his two fists clenched in the air like dictators of the past, were the perfect complement to his dangerous demonization of 75 million Republican voters, and will likely produce acts of violence or further weaponization of the national police apparatus, it wasn’t the point.

The point is that Mr. Biden sees Republicans with a legitimate chance to win the election in November. He would rather we talk about his lust for power, his attack on free speech and political opponents, than the myriad of disastrous effects on Americans caused by his policies.

The middle-of-the-road voters, who will decide this election, already believe the political landscape is too polarized. Mr. Biden’s hate-filled rhetoric will excite his base and may suppress the independent voter.

It is our job to remind the middle voter that policies matter in their everyday lives. And, elections will determine what policies impact them.

Remaining focused on the pathologies of Democrat policies might be difficult, but is imperative for a Republican electoral victory in November.

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