Conservative Record


Defender of Economic Freedom

- Club for Growth

Conservative Excellence Award

- American Conservative Union

Spirit of Enterprise

- U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Friend of Liberty

- The Goldwater Institute

Guardian of Small Business Award

- National Federation of Independent Business

Thomas Jefferson Award

- International Foodservice Distributors Association

100% Lifetime Rating

- Club for Growth

100% Voting Record

- Center for Arizona Policy

94% Lifetime Rating

- Heritage Action

95% Lifetime Rating

- FreedomWorks

100% Voting Record

- Arizona Small Business Association

100% Voting Record

- Arizona Citizens Defense League

(A) Rating

- National Rifle Association

100% Voting Record

- Pro-Life

Housing Hero Award

- Home Builders Association of Central Arizona

True Blue Award

- Family Research Council Action

Taxpayers' Friend Award

- National Taxpayers Union

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Box #308 Gilbert AZ