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Congressman Andy Biggs is a Conservative Warrior and an outstanding Representative of Arizona's 5th Congressional District. Andy Is a relentless fighter for election integrity, border security, our under-siege Second Amendment, and above all, faith, family, and freedom. He is working hard to lower your taxes, support our military & vets, and defend life. Andy Biggs is a champion of the Constitution, and our "America First" agenda, and he has my complete & total endorsement.

Gun Owners of America

The Gun Owners of America have endorsed Andy Biggs for his no-compromise stance on the Second Amendment and defending the rights of Americans to own firearms. The Gun Owners of America have awarded Andy Biggs with an A grade for his work protecting gun owners.

Freedomworks PAC

“The residents of Arizona’s Fifth District have grown accustomed to the bold conservative leadership of Rep. Matt Salmon. Andy Biggs is a natural successor for this seat,” said FreedomWorks PAC Chairman Adam Brandon. “During his time in the Arizona Senate, Andy Biggs demonstrated a commitment to free market economic policies, limited government, and individual freedom. We have no doubt that he will join the ranks of the House Freedom Caucus and fight for these timeless principles on which the nation was founded and the conservative values of Arizona’s Fifth District.”

Gilbert Chamber of Commerce A+ Rating

“In the months and years ahead, we must lean on strong, pro-business leaders who understand the impact their votes will have on recovery and resiliency. Congressman Biggs has long been an ally to Gilbert businesses, always willing to listen to and work with his constituents, and often is supportive of the priorities put forth by the Gilbert Chamber. As such, on behalf of our Public Policy Committee and Board of Directors, the Gilbert Chamber is pleased to extend our endorsement.” – Sarah Watts, president and CEO of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce

Republican Liberty Caucus of Arizona

"The Republican Liberty Caucus proudly endorses Andy Biggs in AZ-5. @andybiggs4az continues to be an unwavering advocate for individual liberty & smaller government. He was one of the top scorers on our 2021 scorecard at 95. Let's keep this principled freedom fighter in Congress!"

Mark Stewart, Chandler City Councilmember

I’m proud to endorse Andy Biggs for re-election to Arizona’s 5th Congressional District. As a friend to the growth and innovation that makes Chandler so great, we need leaders like Andy who will advocate for sound policies on the issues that affect us most. As a passionate defender of the Constitution, Andy will always ensure our families, communities, and values are protected against Washington overreach.

Aimee Yentes, Gilbert Town Vice Mayor

In Congress, there’s no stronger defender of liberty than Andy Biggs and I’m thrilled to endorse him for re-election to Arizona’s 5th Congressional District. Andy has always been a fierce protector of the Constitution, state’s rights, and individual freedoms. I’ve been honored to work with him on issues of school choice, sound tax policy, and fighting against powerful special interests. I’m proud to support Andy as he continues to work hard to preserve our East Valley heritage and values.

Kevin Thompson, Mesa City Councilmember

Arizona is facing critical choices on water, energy, and infrastructure. Congressman Andy Biggs has my full support as he works to protect Arizona taxpayers against the reckless financial harm and bureaucratic red tape of the left’s destructive “green new deal” policies. We need Andy in Washington to continue fighting to unleash the American energy sector, stand firm against subsidies and mandates, and defend Arizonans against the Biden administration’s assault on our checkbooks.

Leah Martineau, Queen Creek Town Councilmember

Queen Creek is home to some of Arizona’s best schools and strongest neighborhoods. I’m proud to support Congressman Andy Biggs as he works to preserve the values that make our town such a special place to live. Andy will never stop working hard in Washington to support our first responders, prioritize students and educational choice, and protect our families against the outside pressures that threaten our way of life.

Kevin Hartke, Chandler City Mayor

As Mayor of Chandler, I’m happy to support my friend Andy Biggs for Arizona’s 5th Congressional District. Andy has been a loyal advocate for our police, fire, and first responders that help make Chandler one of America’s safest cities. His work with our veterans is unparalleled. Join me in keeping Andy Biggs as a strong voice for conservative values and for Arizona.

Tom Freestone, Former Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Arizona Senate, and Justice of the Peace

I served our East Valley communities for five decades and know a true public servant when I see one. There is no better example than Andy Biggs. Andy is a man of integrity and principle who cares deeply about the wellbeing of the East Valley and the prosperity of our state. He and his family have lived in Gilbert for 35 years, are active in their faith, and have devoted two decades of their own lives to serving the state and nation. I'm grateful for Andy's years of hard work defending our freedoms and I urge everyone to join me in supporting his re-election to Congress.

Scott Anderson, Gilbert Town Council

Andy Biggs is a great representative of Arizona's Fifth District. As a long-time resident of the East Valley, Andy understands the issues our communities face. Importantly, he makes himself available to learn more from and discuss solutions with local leaders, business owners, community stakeholders, and residents. He has ideas for addressing Arizona's water shortage, bringing down inflation, and rebuilding our energy independence, each of which is crucial to our future. I support Andy Biggs for re-election and look forward to working with him for the betterment of Gilbert's future as a part of the Fifth District.

Terry Roe, Chandler City Council

I am grateful for Andy Biggs's representation of Arizona's Fifth District and am glad to support his re-election. Andy shares a passion for ensuring our communities are safe, prosperous, and free. He takes time to discuss our water future, the costs of housing in Chandler, the impacts of inflation, and ways to improve our economy. Andy has been a great partner to Chandler in Congress. I look forward to Andy Biggs representing the Fifth District again next year.

Mickie Niland, Chairwoman of Maricopa County Republicans

Every American should be fortunate enough to have a Congressman like Andy Biggs represent their district. I have known Andy Biggs and followed his career as a public servant for nearly 15 years. He is a man of principle who holds fast to the U.S. Constitution and lives out the teachings of his faith everyday. I support his efforts to defend the country God and the Founding Fathers blessed us with, and I hope you'll join me in re-electing him to serve Arizona's Fifth District.

Jacqueline Parker, Representative for LD16

As a state legislator, I have a keen understanding of the pressures officials face during their service. Andy Biggs never wavers from his principles. He puts his constituents first, is a fierce defender of the Constitution, and is a leader among his congressional colleagues. I'm supporting Andy Biggs to represent me in Arizona's Fifth Congressional District.

Barbara Parker, Candidate for LD10

Andy Biggs is a principled conservative and warrior for the freedoms loved by Arizonans. He analyzes every vote he takes to ensure he protects the Constitution and provides his rationale to his constituents so they know exactly where he stands. That transparency and accountability is unique among elected officials and is appreciated by his constituents. There is no better choice than Andy Biggs to represent the Fifth District.

J.D. Mesnard, Senator for LD17

My friend Andy Biggs is the best representative for our East Valley communities. He places a priority on the needs of and communication with his constituents, ensuring we are all represented in Congress. Andy Biggs always defends the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution, allowing Arizonans and all Americans to live their lives free from the heavy hand of government. I will support Andy Biggs to represent the Fifth District in Congress.

Warren Petersen, Senator for LD12

Andy Biggs is the most qualified candidate to represent Arizona's Fifth District. I served with him in the Arizona legislature and saw first-hand his deep commitment to our communities, our state, and our nation. Andy Biggs works hard, defends the Constitution, and lives out the moral values he professes. His integrity is impeccable. We need Andy's leadership in Congress.

Ambassador Robert C. O'Brien, 27th U.S. National Security Advisor

I am pleased to endorse Andy Biggs for re-election to serve Arizona’s Fifth District. Andy represents our faith - he’s pro-life, pro-family, and fights for our freedoms. Arizona is best represented by someone with Andy’s convictions and who has Andy’s proven record of leadership. I pray that you’ll join me in supporting Andy Biggs for U.S. Congress!

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd

On behalf of the National Border Patrol Council, I am honored to endorse Congressman Andy Biggs for Arizona’s Fifth US Congressional District. Since his first day in office, Andy has been an unwavering border security champion. He has also proven willing to put the safety and security of all his fellow Americans above all. He visits the border regularly and has brought several of his congressional colleagues to Arizona to see firsthand the impacts of open border policies on the local communities, state, and country. Due to his advocacy, resources have been appropriated and border security programs have been implemented. I am confident in Andy and his ability to make difficult decisions and do what is right for his constituents. If we are ever going to end the disastrous policies of the Biden Administration, we need fighters like Andy Biggs representing what is best for our great nation.

National Federation of Independent Business

Chandler Chamber of Commerce

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