Kill the Filibuster Before It’s Too Late

The Wall Street Journal Kill the Filibuster Before It’s Too Late By Andy Biggs August 6, 2017 Bills pass the House, only to die of neglect in the Senate. The greatest obstacle blocking Republicans from fulfilling our agenda is not manufactured outrage about Russians. It’s the Senate filibuster, the 60-vote threshold to suspend debate that

Freedom Friday – Protecting American Mining Jobs

Overturning President Obama’s political EPA regulations. Problem: In January 2017, President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a regulation that would usurp states’ regulatory authority and needlessly duplicate state and federal requirements for the hardrock mining and mineral processing industry. High costs of compliance with the rule will put a damper on domestic mineral production

Freedom Friday – Restoring Internet Freedom – July 28

Problem:      • In 2015, in one of many examples of executive over regulation, the Obama Administration’s inserted government interference into an otherwise free and open internet.      • The Federal Communications Commission’s Open Internet Order rule, also known as net neutrality, forces Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to either pull out of high internet traffic areas or

Freedom Friday – Trucking and Transportation – July 21

Below is Congressman Andy Biggs’ speech announcing Freedom Fridays and highlighting an overly burdensome restriction on our trucking industry: “Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Last week, I started “Freedom Friday,” to highlight freedom-killing regulations currently in effect.  This year, Congress used the Congressional Review Act to overturn 14 regulations implemented in the waning days of the Obama
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