Grant’s Law ‘Common Sense’, Deport Criminal Aliens Michelle Moons June 28, 2017 Biggs called Grant’s Law a “common sense measure,” and said, “We are talking about people who we know are criminally violent.” The emphasis, according to Biggs, is keeping illegal aliens that are criminally violent in custody until they’re out of the country. “If you really want to save lives and

Statement on Last Night’s Election Results

GILBERT (June 21) – Today, Congressman Andy Biggs issued the following statement following last night’s victories from Karen Handel (GA-06) and Scott Norman (SC-05): “I congratulate Karen and Scott on their hard-fought victories last night, and I look forward to working with them in the United States House of Representatives. Their victories were a solid

Split Up the Ninth Circuit

The National Review June 15, 2017 Andy Biggs & Bill Montgomery Is Congress finally getting to the business of splitting the unworkable Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals? This has been a long-running debate spanning several decades, but one that is imperative to resolve if we are to provide equal and adequate access to justice for

The CHOICE Act will reverse the overregulation created by Dodd-Frank

The Hill June 7, 2017 Andy  Biggs This week, the U.S. House of Representatives will pass the Financial CHOICE Act. It will eliminate the idea of “too big to fail,” which actually meant “too small to grow.” It will provide regulatory relief to the financial services industry by rolling back unnecessary government intrusion into our
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