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  • "Andy Biggs is a man of great integrity and one of the most principled conservatives in Arizona. I have witnessed Andy fight, in the state legislature, to protect the life of the unborn and to preserve our family values. We need a trusted and proven leader to represent us in Congress." - Christine Accurso, Gilbert
  • "Gary and I have had the opportunity of knowing Andy Biggs for over a decade. His passion for fighting to defend our constitution, family values, and conservative principles has served the East Valley well. We need conservatives like Andy to continue Congressman Matt Salmon's fight in the U.S. House of Representatives. " - Sherry Pierce, Mesa
  • "I have had the honor of working with Andy Biggs on a number of issues facing Queen Creek residents and have seen his leadership first hand in action. His amazing work in the state legislature is a testament to his will to get the job done without compromising our conservative principles. The East Valley needs conservative leaders like Congressman Matt Salmon who will lead our fight fora more limited, constitutional government, and I trust that Andy is the right candidate to champion that fight." - Emilena Turley, Queen Creek
  • "For too long has the Washington establishment steered the power away from the people to a certain few bureaucrats in D.C. We need conservatives leaders like Andy Biggs who will champion Congressman Matt Salmon's fight in Congress against the Washington machine. Please join me in voting for Andy Biggs for Congress this August." - Sandi Bartlett, Gilbert
  • "For the past few years, I have observed the Arizona Senate Legislative sessions, and was so impressed with the leadership of Senate President Andy Biggs. He created an environment that got things done for the good of all Arizonans without compromising our shared conservative principles. We need Andy's leadership skills in Washington, make government work again for all Americans, within a balanced budget, just like he has already done here in Arizona." - Carolyn McCorkle, Sun Lakes
  • Andy Biggs has been a consistent conservative voice in Arizona, and I value his experience and wisdom shown by his work on our state's balanced budget. This is the kind of leader I want to send to Washington D.C. to tackle our nation's many problems. Please join me in voting for Andy Biggs, to continue to carry the torch of Liberty and Freedom as Congressman Matt Salmon has done. - Mickie Niland, Gilbert

Thank you to our Coalition

I count it an honor to have received this outpouring of support from an overwhelming number of conservative women in this district. It's abundantly clear that many women in this district want to see a bold, conservative, and experienced leader in the U.S. House of Representatives who will continue to fight for our East Valley principles and to make Congress work for the people.

Stephanie Abney

Christine Accurso

Kathy Allen

Tonya Allen

Megan Allen

Dacia Alvarez

Marsha Atkin

Betty Attridge

Sandi Bartlett

Betty Beazer

Gina Bellus

Mara Benson

Vicki Berglund

Cindy Biggs

Ruth Biggs

Cosette Biggs

Carma Bingham

Claudia Blaz

Kendra Bodine

Debra Jo Bordon

Janet Bosley

Janet Boswell

Rhonda Bowyer

Monica Boyd

Betty Breedan

Julie Breinholt

Dawn Brimhall

Maradel Brown

Betty Burke

Louise Burnham

Mindy Call

Sheri Candland

Kathy Carlsen

Leni Cazden

Judy Chesley

Michelle Clendenen

Carol Clesceri

Angie Clouse

Grace Contreras

Melanie Conway

Kit Cook

Nancy Cottle

Sarah Crawford

Rhea Dahl

Diana Dana

Shellee Day

Lorie DeNapoli

Sharle Dille

Marenann Dolivier

Denine Driggs

Olivier Elitiste

Jolynn Ellsworth

Jackie Engel

Julie Farnsworth

Janet Farnsworth

Chelsea Farnsworth

Debbie Finelliv

Jennifer Flaherfy

Whitney Forsgren

Annie Franklin

Annette Freeman

Tonya Gale

Edith Gallacher

Melanie Gibb

Celeste Goetz

Patricia Grantham

Susan Gratil

Lindsay Greene

Gena Greene

Trish Groe

Jackie Gurney

Mary Lou Hagen

Nancy Hague

Liz Hall

Brooke Hamblin

Amy Hamilton

Julie Hanks

Janelle Hansen

Holly Harrington

Lina Hatch

Emma Hatch

Amy Hatch

Athena Hatch

Mollie Hatch

Dana Haws

Toni Heilman

Renae Hellman

Julie Herrell

Susan Hicks

Amy Higgins

Kathy Hinton

Kimberly Hoffman

Janet Holmes

Leslie Householder

Natalie Hunt

Loretta Jack

Kathy Jacobs

Genny Jones

Ruth Kelepolo

Melanie Kettring

Joyce King

Gladys Knight

Michelle Kohlhase

Kate Kresse

Linda Lamoreaux

Stacie Larson

Debbie Letner

Jennifer Lewis

LeeAnne Limon

Stephanie Lofgreen

Terrah Lund

Marlene Lyons

Gena Mabee

Diane Maloy

Leah Martineau

Carolyn McCorkle

Becky McDowell

Teri Meija

Lydia Michael

Tori Morley

Becky Murry

Sherrie Nattrass

Kimberley Nelson

Brittany Nguyen

Paula Nichols

Mickie Niland

Annice North

Ingra Norton

Robin O'Bannon

Pat Oldroyd

Valerie Opie

Marcia Overley

Karen Packer

Mia Palmer

Karen Parker

Linda Payne

Kim Pear

Carol Pearce

Betty Perry

Cynthia Peters

Tawna Petersen

Crystal Petersen

Michelle Petersen

Evelyn Petersen

Joyce Petersen

Amy Petersonv

Sherry Pierce

Colette Pikosz

April Pinger

Becky Porter

Lori Poulsen

Barb Poulsen

Lara Power

KaeLynn Randall

Kari Rawlings

Gina Ray

Christee Ray

Janet Reeves

Carolyn Ricks

Gail Ricks

Kim Riggs

Tina Riggs

Ahtanya Riggs

Anika Robinson

Bonnie Rodge

Britney Rohner

Sarah Rowse

Nancy Salmon

Stephanie Sammons

Kristi Schabatka

Natasha Schaeler

Lan Schafer

Dawn Schween

Jennifer Shimamoto

Monica Shumway

NaDene Simmons

Sharon Slater

Julie Smith

Camille Smith

Lari Smith

Kathleen Smith

Diane Smithson

Wendy Snep

Kathryn Spencer

Polly Standifird

Linda Stapley

Dena Stevens

Pam Stevenson

Barb Stowell

Susan Stradling

Shelly Sundaram

Phyllis Tanner

Diane Taylor

Connie Taylor

Ruth Taylor

Kathryn Taylor

Debbie Tenney

Leslie Thompson

Erleen Tilton

Judy Towson

Heidi Trejo

Roxanne Trejo

Emilena Turley

Dot Voorhees

Bonnie Waite

Danette Waite

Brooke Webb

Wendi Webster

Adrienne Weiss

Chelly Whipple

Deb Whitlock

Natalie Whitlock

Shirley Whitlock

Cindy Williams

Janet Willis

Anita Wilson

Betty Winchell

Karen Winfield

Pam Wolfe

Barbara Worman

Katie Wride

Barb Yates

Dawn Deiglmeier

Kimberley Nelson

Leslie Thompson

Jodi Anderson

Emilena Turley

Vicki Berglund

Janena Williams

Tricia Groe

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